Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Rumble - Package A


POS: RM15.00 SM/ SS RM25.00 (DOMESTIK)

1)Rumble Tuff Mighty Tyke Duo Reachargeable baterry
2)FREE 10pcs storage bottle
3)FREE 1pcs Vcool cooler Bag
4)FREE 1pcs Ice Brick
5)FREE 5pcs Storage Bag
6)FREE 2pcs Disposable Breastpad
7)FREE 2pcs Bottle Converter

The Rumble Tuff Mighty Tyke is a closed-system, this pump intended for daily personal use.This lightweight and compact pump is easily portable for mothers on the go, and the powerful motor is capable of delivering strong suction power to help you complete your pumping quickly and effortlessly.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes it easy to pump wherever you need, whenever you need. A lithium-ion battery provides a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to traditional alkaline batteries. This pump can also be converted into a manual breast pump (Manual Pump Diaphragm Kit not included).

The built-in belt clip of this powerful little pump provides you with more freedom and greater mobility during your pumping sessions. The simplified control panel allows easy access from all angles, whether the pump is stationary or clipped to your side.

With 4 preset speed patterns and 8 levels of suction, the Mighty Tyke is designed to help you best match your baby's natural nursing pattern. The customizable settings allow you to choose the most comfortable and effective vacuum strength for you.

The Mighty Tyke Electric Breast Pump comes with 1-year warranty for the pump motor (wearable accessories excluded). 

BPA free.

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